Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Fine Mess

Well, isn’t this a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into? It was often said that the “successes” of the Clinton administration led to a Republican Congress and White House. So, what are we to make of the “successes” in the Bush administration?

After eight years of compassionate conservatism, that was neither compassionate nor conservative, our country is being run by the most liberal, radical President with an equally obnoxious Congress in toe. After eight preceding years of record deficits and government spending, Obama and company are looking to fulfill every Democratic dream – from universal healthcare to raising taxes on the “wealthy.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you President Obama is right – this is Bush’s fault. How can Republicans legitimately oppose the excesses and splurges of the new Democratic ruling class when we ourselves engaged in the same reckless behavior? Weren’t we the ones to push through the largest expansion in government run healthcare since the implementation of Medicare? Weren’t we the ones who teamed up with Ted Kennedy to enlarge the role of the federal government in public education? Wasn’t it our majority leader who stated the federal budget could not be cut further?

I say all this not beat up on our Republican elected officials but to shed light on why we’re in the position we’re in. As an active Republican I am disheartened by how soon we voters forget our recent history. We go out, day after day, night after night, and cheer on many of the same leaders who put us in this predicament. We let those same “go along to get along” politicians stand up at our rallies, tea-parties and meetings and claim, straight-faced, that they have our interests at heart. Where is the accountability?

It’s time Republican voters demand our elected officials actually serve our interests. Bailing out banks and automobile companies is not a Republican interest. Neither is rolling over while Emperor Obama raises our taxes and denigrates our country overseas. If our Republican “leaders” can’t find the courage to fight our battles then maybe they should step aside…or be pushed aside. Pat Toomey, of the Club for Growth, just announced a primary challenge to long serving, liberal Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Perhaps, it’s time to find more Pat Toomey’s, perhaps it’s time to find more leaders willing to stand athwart history yelling stop.

Ladies and gentlemen, no longer are we slouching towards Gomorrah – we’re on a bullet train to Hell. Taxes will be raised, the scope of government will be expanded and we’re being monitored by the federal department that was set up to protect us. Now more than ever, we need our Republican leaders to act like Republicans.

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