Monday, March 23, 2009

The Case for Ken Cuccinelli

55%. 60%. And 65%.

Those are the percentage of voters Governor Kaine, President Obama and Senator Warner carried in the 37th state senate district. While this northern Virginia district became one of the most reliably Democratic strongholds Ken Cuccinelli continued to win. Ken won while the other Republican state senators from the region lost. Ken won as the Democrats put him in their crosshairs, time after time after time. Ken won being the most principled, consistent conservative in the state senate.

Ken leads the fight against abortion rights — combining personal compassion with a rigid resolve to defend the unborn.

Ken is a stalwart opponent of tax increases – standing forthrightly against then-Governor Warner’s reckless 2004 plan to raise taxes on hard-working Virginians.

Ken fights every year to protect the property rights of those in the Commonwealth having sponso red and passed legislation protecting personal property from government confiscation.

Ken proudly stands up for 2nd amendment rights, held the line against illegal immigration and pushed for open government reforms that will hold our elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions.

And remember, Ken does all this representing a district that has overwhelmingly supported statewide Democrats – 55%, 60%, 65%. He’s able to do this because he works hard and stands for what he believes, never bending to the leveling winds that have blown away so many of his erstwhile senate colleagues. Ken is committed to knocking on every door, calling every number in winning over thousands of independent and Democratic voters. It’s that commitment, coupled with his conservative record on the issues, which makes Ken the best choice for Attorney General.

I close by relating a narrative that entails everything you need to know about Ken. This is a story that shows Ken fighting for the values and principles that cut to the heart of what it means to be a Republican. The day had finally come for the state senate to take u p its version of the state budget. As the afternoon session opened Ken sprang from his seat and offered an amendment to strip funding for Planned Parenthood. While Ken’s amendment failed – due in part to many of his fellow GOP colleagues voting incorrectly – Ken showed the courage and resolve that has defined his entire political career. Ken ended voting against the final budget, not only because it maintained funding for Planned Parenthood but also because it was riddled with over spending and provided no tax relief for hardworking Virginians. So there you have it in a nutshell, Ken the pro-lifer, Ken the tax-cutter, Ken the principled and tireless fighter holding the line on out of control spending.

Please join me in supporting Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General and let’s take our fight to every corner of Virginia.

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