Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SWAC Happens, Part II

IL-14, LA-06, MS-01….VA-06?

First we lost the seat of former Speaker Denny Hastert, then we lost the seat of long serving Representative Richard Baker down in Louisiana, last week it was the seat of former Congressman and now Senator Roger Wicker, whose district went for President Bush in 2004 by 25 points over John Kerry….could the sixth district of Virginia be next?

Congressman Goodlatte hasn’t had serious opposition since he became our Representative in 1993 and no one can dispute the excellent job he’s done for us in Washington, but with the intraparty squabbling in the district (Bob “only” scored a 92 with the American Conservative Union for 2007 so I’m surprised he isn’t facing a primary opponent) and a well-financed opponent this year (it’s nice to have a source of out of state money!), we can’t be complacent.

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