Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Death of the Golden Age

He was the original one, the one lifting the car on the cover of the most famous comic book in history, the one who made you believe a man could fly, the one who first made you want to put on a cape, the one who leaped tall buildings at a single bound and ran faster than a speeding bullet.

It was three years ago that DC comics brought the original Superman back from a twenty hiatus, to co-star in their celebration of the groundbreaking mini-series Crisis on Infinite Earths...and it was seven months later that they mercilessly killed him off for a quick buck.

Like their counterpart, Marvel, and its equally disturbing move to kill Captain America, DC comics chose the almighty dollar and sensationalism over the preservation of an icon.

I have to say that in an age of comics premised on anti-heroes, gritty noire dramas, and zombies...there is nothing wrong with a little Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

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