Tuesday, May 11, 2010


When I was at the Department of Homeland Security we were trying to expand something called E-verify. E-verify would have required employers, federal departments at first, to match
Information from an employee's Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 against government records. This was/is an inexpensive and easy means by which employers can determine if a potential employee is in the country legally.

Maddeningly, bafflingly, we dropped our efforts under pressure from not only liberal interest groups but conservative business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce!!! In my opinion that’s the biggest obstacle we face on the issue of illegal immigration. It’s simple supply and demand, so long as employers exist who are willing to offer illegal immigrants low-wage jobs with no benefits they’ll continue to stream across our border. The solution is to cut off the jobs.

A simple plan and true comprehensive immigration reform would be the implementation of E-verify or an equivalent program; the implementation of tough penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants; and repeal minimum wage laws to allow employees and employers to allow workers and bosses to negotiate truly competitive wages.

If those three things are done I can guarantee the flow of illegal immigrants to the United States will stop. With E-verify the government would actually be giving employers a tool to aid them in following the law. By increasing the penalties for employers who fail to abide by the law, employers should get the message that the days of cheap, foreign labor are over. And finally by repealing minimum wage laws and allowing wage negotiation would allow for Americans to take many of the jobs now being done by illegal immigrants.

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JusticeLeaguer81 said...

I was just informed by a former high level official at DHS that E-verfiy was successfully implemented by the Bush administration - after I left the Department I'm assuming. And that it was strengthened by the Obama administration.

That my friends is wonderful news.