Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happenings in the 20th HOD

I was reading over the latest candidate financial disclosure reports a few weeks ago and came across a curious item. There was a donation from Delegate Saxman to 20th HOD candidate Dickie Bell for $9000 (along with a donation of 5,000 in cash). Curious because it wasn’t a cash donation but an in-kind donation to the Bell campaign for polling work conducted for Delegate Saxman’s re-election bid. As you may recall Delegate Saxman withdrew from his race for re-election this summer after two distinguished terms in the House of Delegates.
What makes the in-kind donation even more curious is the fact that there are reports that Delegate Saxman had upwards of $60,000 left in his campaign re-election when he withdrew this July. This leaves many local Republicans to scratching their heads over where this additional $60,000 will be going, money that was supposed to be spent toward to re-election of the Republican candidate in the 20th House District.

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